Imo is an all-round app that allows incredible services efficiently at no costs.

The pride of every smartphone user is having a plan that will enhance their communication and the ability to do so in a classy and effective, yet affordable way. The need to have all these qualities inclusive in a single package brought into existence the amazing Imo chat app.


Imo Overview

It is a smartphone application that is available free on Google Play for Android users and iTunes for iPad and iPhone users. It enables options for free texting, media sharing and live chatting and calls through a Wifi, 3G or 4G connection. With exceptional features and amazing compatibility, Imo wants to become YOUR social app.

Imo Features

  • Free Texting – With this app, the user gets to send text messages directly to friends and family with absolutely zero SMS charges, and definitely no limitations on the number of messages to send per day. You get to talk to those who matter to you all day, without worrying of having to spend your precious airtime.
  • Free Calls – Another free gift from Imo. With this app, you call anyone at any time you wish. It enables calling for all its users at no cost. All you need is an active data or Wifi connection and there you go! Any time is talk time.
  • Video Chatting – This incredible app allows its users to chat live with each other, no matter the distance between them. It enhances effective communications by the use of live-chatting right from their smartphone screens.
  • Voice Messages – This is another amazing feature of the app. It enables the users to share pre-recorded voice messages directly to their contacts in real-time.
  • Pictures and Videos – Imo allows you to share all your hilarious images and videos with friends. You get to share your best moments with friends and make them share your memories with you.
  • Uncountable stickers – With this app, you get to spice up your conversations with hundreds of stickers to from choose from. This means you can express yourself with more than words, and you’ll be free from the monotony of always having to tap your keyboard countless times.
  • Group chatting – This is the ultimate app that allows you to create group conversations and this takes your socialization to a whole new level. Now you can talk to tens of people just by sending a single message.


  • It is convenient – With only a data or wifi connection, one can access a wide range of communicative means with no extra charges on calls, texting and media sharing.
  • Encrypted chats and calls feature – It allows you privacy and hence you are able to keep away intruders from stalking your calls and chat messages.
  • It allows you to make high-quality video and voice calls – While using Imo, the quality of video and voice calls remains incredible, thanks to the well-built software in the app.


  • It is only supported on smartphones
  • It is incompatible to other similar apps – Imo operates only between people who have installed it on their devices, but it cannot be used across other apps.


Imo is an all-round app that allows incredible services efficiently at no costs.


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